The Sheriff's Wife

by Rob Tunbridge

All over town they are looking for me The sheriff ain't mean, he's got a bullet you see They say I robbed the bank last night Say I got mean killed a man in a fight But, it wasn't me, I was tucked up in bed With the sheriff's good wife, oh I wish I was dead When I got in from Boston I looked as mean as I could Some men looked at me said I wasn't so good They said they'd heard rumours that I killed fifteen men But that rumour ain't true 'cos I've only killed ten And, it wasn't me I was tucked up in bed With the sheriff's wife oh I wish I was dead They looked in the church house, I couldn't be found They looked in the stables, I was nowhere around 'cos I was in bed with the sheriff's good wife I'd been there all the day and most of the night and, it wasn't me I was tucked up in bed with the sheriff's wife, oh I wish I was dead
Sweet little Suzie, you said you'd be mine Sweet little Suzie, all of the time You make light, of the darkest day You always know the right thing to say CHORUS Now I find that you're on my mind and there's nothing I can do to change it I never knew anyone could make me feel this way It's so strange, that I'm, hanging on your every word As if I've never, ever heard you say such things but you know, I know, you know, just how to pull my strings Make me do anything. Sweet little Suzie, you call me onm the phone Sweet little Suzie, to say when you'll be home You find time, make everything alright You like to kiss me, holding on so tight CHORUS Sweet Little Suzie, you read me like a book Sweet little Suzie, got that knowing look You do things, that I like to do You often tell me, that you like to do them too CHORUS


released February 5, 2017

All tracks, written & performed by: Rob Tunbridge


all rights reserved



Rob Tunbridge Chelmsford, UK

Rob Tunbridge is a singer/songwriter, based in Chelmsford, Essex England.
His music draws on his love of Glam Rock from the 70's and Synth Pop from the early 80's and was once described by a music critic as: "Status Quo, meets Erasure, crashes with Depeche Mode and Slade, the result being, a unique style of music that can only be classified as Rob Tunbridge!" ... more

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